It’s All Happening


So here it is, my first blog post. I’ve never really thought of myself as a writer. Actually, I have actively thought of myself as a terrible writer. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator by trade and a solitary witch and craft beer lover by choice. The events in my life within the past few months have led me to become a self-help junkie. I would start reading a new self-help book and then immediately buy another one before I even finished the one I was currently reading. I was obsessed. I felt like I could only keep myself motivated if I was constantly flooding my brain with positive thoughts and affirmations. I kept reading a lot of the same tips and tricks to improve my life and I started to integrate these new ideas into my daily routine. Within a few weeks I had 5 new books and was following almost a dozen self-help blogs. I loved all of it.

For the past four years I have had the same job as a designer and illustrator. Monday through Friday is pretty monotonous. I wake up at a way too early hour, drive an hour to work, sit at my desk for eight hours, drive an hour home, and then do whatever I have time for before bed (btw it’s not much). And last year I picked up a part time job teaching painting at a paintbar. Needless to say work started to suck up a lot of my time. My dream to work from home all day making art and blogging was something I’ve always thought about, but by the time I would get home from a long day of work (sometimes a 14 hour work day) I would be so creatively exhausted that I would just put on Netflix and get into bed. These were the days that made me feel like I should make a change.

Unfortunately for me, and many others, I am weighed down, heavily, by my student loan debt. I have read about people just quitting their day job and traveling or starting a full-time blogging career, but that just isn’t realistic for me, at least not yet. If I were to do either of those things right now I would be in a lot of trouble with the government. My debt has given me constant anxiety and worry over the past 5 years but I have kept my head above water. So for the time being I am working two jobs and have very little time to myself yet here I am starting my own blog. Yay!

I felt like I needed an outlet. A place where I can talk about things that I love and things that have been helping me cope with anxiety and stress, a place where, hopefully, I can also help others that are on a similar journey. I created this blog as a way to get all of these thoughts, positive or negative, out of my head and into the world. I’m not gonna sit here and say that I’m not terrified to share all of this with you, because I am, but I’m more excited than anything else.

I consider myself strange and unusual so if you are also strange and unusual you are in the right place. I will be talking a lot about how witchcraft has changed my perspective on life, all of the little things I do to lift myself up on days where I am down, as well as post about art that inspires me or that I create myself. My plan for now is to update this blog at least once a week, but you can follow me on social media for more regular updates!

I love meeting and talking to new people so please always feel free to comment on my posts, interact with me on social media, or shoot me an email.

As always, love & light.

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